Our camper is a “she”: Tetka. From the TT of Tembo Tadaima. She was purchased new from PSI-Azalai in Martigues (France). She is fitted with extra water and fuel tanks.

Several other improvements were made:

  • Light weight CIGS thin film solar panels from Midsummer (Sweden) for additional power, including a movable panel that can be used when Tetka is parked in the shadow 
  • a 3M AP2 water filter, fitted by Koree Poland
  • 3M Thinsulate sound proofing in the main cabin
  • 3M window films
  • 3M conspicuity reflective markings
  • a VETUS extraction ventilator
  • extra lights
  • a winch

We tested the car and our equipment during several trips in Europe: Poland, France, Italy, Balkans, Rumania, Albania, Ukraine, …